Welcome to Our Tasty Tea Shop

Dragonfly Botanica LLC is a family-run, independent tea shop offering the best quality loose teas, tea blends and herbal botanical teas. Our goal is to offer our customers only the finest, freshest artisan quality teas.

Welcome to Our Tasty Tea Shop

At home in our store in Melbourne, FL, we love to show you how to prepare a great cup of steamy and fresh brewed cup of tea. We have over 40 types of tea, tea blends and herbal teas and some unique blends of our own, like our very popular Yellow & Blue tea that combines our delightful imported camomile floral tea with sumptuous lavender flowers imported from the French Riviera.  If you have a special blend of your own we would be happy to prepare it for you.  If you would like us to prepare a blend for you – sure, just let us know and we will work with you to get it just right.

The amazing aroma of fresh tea leaves, exotic fruits and herbs draw in people from miles around! Our goal is to have satisfied customers coming back to explore traditional and enjoy exotic and unique flavors and experience enticing new teas and blends.  Just like fine wine, fine tea from different plants from different parts of the world have a wonderful range of aromas, flavors and nuances.  Come on in and explore.  

Not sure what tea you like best?  

We will build a customized sample of up to four to six 1 ounce packets for you to take home and try….