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High Quality Delicious and Healthful Teas and Herbal Teas

We stock over 70 different types of teas, tea blends and herbal teas.  We also have our own line “Pharmacist’s Choice” of herbals to help support a healthy and active lifestyle so your body can better deal with everyday wellness needs and life’s stresses.   Our Tea Concierge Service is designed to help you select the perfect tea for yourself or the tea-lover-you-love and also allow us to help create your own Custom Blend.  Our Tea Concierge service takes your love of tea to the next level by helping to create a tea or herbal blend to meet your own taste-preferences and to present at special occasions or as a unique personalize gift.   We tea making products from easy to use self-fill and very portable tea-bags (no need to put up with “bad-tea” on the road) to hand painted cast iron traditional tea pots and cup sets.


Tea Products

Out of the thousands of teas throughout the world, we select the best grades of tea products to offer to you. Our tea and tea blends are crafted to give you an exceptional experience and support a healthy lifestyle.

Tea has long been popular in the United States, particularly as a cold beverage.  Only recently have Americans recognized the range of products available and viewed these nuanced beverages products to support healthy lifestyles.  Hot tea has gained popularity as an alternative to coffee that not only satisfies, refreshes and awakens but is also used for relaxation and provides unparalleled antioxidant benefits.  Matcha, whole ground green tea leaves that you mix with everything from water to smoothies, provides the ultimate in smooth caffeine levels and antioxidant content.

aWe carry over 70 different teas, tisanes (fruit teas), herbals and matcha.  Many of our teas are caffeinated and we also have a range of tea products that are by nature caffeine free. We even have a line of teas for pets!  These refreshing and tasty high-end teas and tea blends not only give a great range of beverages you can enjoy all day long but that also support a healthy lifestyle.  The teas we carry are of the highest grade and quality.  We not only offer tea products tailored to the American palate but also highly popular traditional and non-traditional Japanese teas developed for the sophisticated Asian palate that are now gaining popularity in America.

If you are familiar with fine loose leaf tea great, come on in and let us help you find teas to satisfy.  We are always finding new and fantastic products.  And if you would like we can create a custom blend just for you.  If you are a novice that is great too…we gladly help you select teas that are just perfect for your tastes and will help you understand how to prepare your tea quickly and properly to ensure a great tea experience.  Each ounce of most of our teas will make between 8 to 10 cups of tea (depending on how strong you like it) and most all of our teas can be steeped at least twice.

As a pharmacist our co-owner, Dr. Sal, is very careful in sourcing out products and uses the same care in this process as he would in sourcing medications.  We only use US based suppliers who conform to all US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture standards for these products.  We do the homework on sourcing so you don’t have to.


Our Sampling Policy

We believe that the best way to find perfect teas is not only to come in and talk with us to savor the aroma but also to sample the tea at home.  We gladly provide up to 3 samples (enough for 2-3 cups of tea) when you visit us.  If you would like we will gladly send these samples by mail (for a modest charge to cover US Post Office costs).  If you really want to sample a broad range of teas think about joining our Sample Of The Month subscription club…more details about this will come by mid-2019!

Browse Our Tea Menu … When you find an item you like go to our On-Line Shop or give us a call and we will ship it directly to you.


Tea Concierge Services

Want something not on our Tea Menu?  Give us a call at 321-622-8155, we will try and  get it for you from a high quality US based supplier!  We also provide customized tea blending for you or to give a very personalized gift to the tea lover you love.  Our Tea Concierge Services are designed to help you explore the world of tea and select just the right tea for you.


Tea of the Month Club

Our Tea Of The Month program is very popular with our customers as a gift package for the tea lovers they love or for themselves. LEARN MORE!


Apothecary Services


Pharmacist Choice © Herbal Teas

Our co-owner and Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Sal Giorgianni, PharmD, brings 50 years of pharmacy and botanical experience to our services.  Dr. Sal has curated a select line of several herbal teas for our own line of Pharmacist Choice Herbal Teas.  As with all of our natural products we purchase from only FDA and USDA approved sources located in the United States.   When you come to us for herbal teas you not only get a high quality product but you also get the benefit of Dr. Sal’s professional pharmacist knowledge of herbal products and health needs.


Pet Products

About Our Herbal Pet-Ts Line

The benefits of herbal teas are well known and they not only are beneficial for humans but also for animals. Many herbal teas that we love and use to refresh, calm and energize also are great for our four-legged friends. Our pets also need a break in their busy days to recharge or unwind. Just like us, tea also can help calm an upset tummy, relax before and during a trip, re-hydrate after exercise or just get going for a day of activity and fun. Tea also provides some tasty variety for your pet’s daily the water which is so needed for hydration, particularly in the hot Florida weather.

The Pharmacist Choice Herbal Pet-Ts© line we carry at Dragonfly Botanica are all-natural products. Our pharmacist owner insures that our herbal teas are of the highest quality and purity. Some of our Herbal Pet-Ts are blended with natural human food grade and vet-approved flavoring bases designed with the most popular dog and cat taste buds in mind; this encourages your pet to drink hearty others, such as organic catnip, rooibos and peppermint, imported lavender and chamomile are just the herbal tea product sourced from US only companies. All of our products are preservative, caffeine, grain, soy, corn, wheat and gluten free. These are healthy liquids that support your pet’s health and wellbeing made with flavors they love.


How Your Pet Can Enjoy Our Herbal Pet-Ts

Be creative! You know your Best-Buddy’s likes and habits. Does she like to sit with you? Run and exercise? Love a chew or rolling toy? Enjoys cold snacks, treats and ice-cubes? Taylor Pet-T-Time to their routines. Our delicious and healthful herbal infusions can be savored most any time day-or-night. Pharmacist Choice Herbal Pet-Ts can be served room temperature or cold in a wide mouth tea-cup or bowl (yes, there are some very cute pet themed tea bowls out there), as pet-size ice cubes or chips, mixed into their favorite food, added (as liquid or ice-cube) to their water or soak a rope chew toy or mixed in with a chasing toy.


Preparing fine herbal tea for your pet is as easy as preparing fine tea for yourself.


Traditional: For each 8 oz. cup good quality water that has just come to the boiling point and over the tea bag (if the water comes to a full boil let it set for 15 seconds or so to avoid cooking the herbs). Steep for 12 minutes to get all of the flavor and botanical benefits extracted. Remove the tea bag, let cool to at least room temperature and serve.


Tea-And-Treat: Make a tradition of it, sort of like High-Tea. Brew tea as above and serve the tea with one or two of your pet’s favorite treat. Perhaps, having a cup of fine tea and a treat for yourself would be a nice touch.


Iced Tea: Yes, any time is a great time for ice-herbal-tea in Florida. Can make our teas in the traditional way as above and cool in the refrigerator or put into nice sized ice-cube trays. Or you can make as a Sun-Tea by steeping three or four bags per quart in the sun for 2 hours or Coldbrew-Tea in the refrigerator overnight…, yep, make it just like you would do for yourself.


Kicked-Up Water: Make traditional or iced tea and mix in the regular water bowl (try 4 parts water and 1 part herbal tea) to encourage proper needed hydration.


Food Infusion: Make a traditional brew, let cool to room temperature and add some to regular food to increase moisture, give food taste variety and enhance healthfulness of wet or dry foods. Our products are vet-approved and all natural so daily consumption is just fine.


Play Time Treat: Make tea anyway you care to and soak a natural and safe rope pull-toy, chew toy, cat ball or mix with rolling action-toy fillings. This is particularly fun for your cat with our organic catnip and great for your dog with our ginseng Marco Polo blend.


Pharmacist Crafted Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products

Our Pharmacist co-owner, Dr. Sal Giorgianni, PharmD, was trained at a time when use and preparation of botanical products were part of the skills of every pharmacist.  We have developed a line of essential oil-based massage products, creams and linen waters to help your system deal with life’s little discomforts.  We can also develop a custom blend to your specification that meet your unique preferences for topical and aromatic uses.  What sets us apart from most other essential oil product lines is the ability to talk with our pharmacist about your needs and preferences.  Dr. Sal will be happy to work with you to help you select the best botanical natural product for your needs and, as a pharmacist, will also review proper uses of these supplements to optimize benefits and minimize problems.

Essential Oils

Our select line of essential oils, essential oil creams and essential oil based linen water sprays were developed by Dr. Sal to help provide high quality essential oils and blends to use as massage products to help support a healthy lifestyle.  When you purchase oils from us you not only get a high quality product but also the experience of our pharmacist.  These oils are fantastic for their aromatherapy value and also bring to you the botanical properties of the whole plant.  If you have special needs or would like a particular aromatic blend Dr. Sal will be happy to work with you to help you select the best botanical natural product for your needs and preferences and create a custom blend.

We invite you to browse our website menu tab for a list of our essential oils.  We invite you to yet visit us at our shop to learn more about our Apothecary products and services.  We have in store samples to try.


Health Services 

Three core innovative programs to help you manage health care needs for yourself or loved one: Medication Guardian, Personalized Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management.


Medication Guardian

Our Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Sal Giorgianni, provides private consultations on how to get maximum benefit from medications (prescription, non-prescription, herbals and supplements) while minimizing potential for interactions between medications, hidden duplication, subtle side-effects and over medication.  In-depth private personalized consultation services will provide you with insight and an action plan on how to enhance your medication use.  He also provides services to help you learn how to properly use devices, such as inhalers and diabetes related devices.  To learn more about these innovative safety-net services visit our related website for Medication Guardian ©  at We have partnered with Via Health, a local medical practice, to provide


Personalized Chronic Care Management

We provide one-on-one development and tracking of a personalized health care plan to help you, or a loved one, better manage your own health care.  Our program provides monthly or every-other month telephone consultations with a specially trained health professional that keeps you on track with your health care goals and needs and helps coordinate care, office visits and prescription refill requests with your health care provider.  These services, which are covered by Medicare and many private insurance providers help persons with two or more chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep disorders and other ongoing conditions, have more productive physician visits, decrease hospital, medical office, urgent care and emergency room visits and help save money on health care expenses.    If you would like to get more information on this highly effective way to have a team of people behind you all the time, give us a call or come in to learn more about how to get these services.


Transitional Care Management

Medical care is not only received at home.  This is particularly true for persons with chronic conditions or older persons.  As patients receive care at home, in the hospital or a skilled nursing or rehab facility the importance of providing a continuity to the care during transition periods presents a challenge and is all too often a period of poor communications as care is transferred from one set of providers to another.   Through our partnership with Via Health medical practice we provide a physician intensive continuity of care service.  We establish a structured bridge to keep multiple providers informed of care changes, responses and needs.  Our physician and provider direct engagement with patients across venues of care is designed to provide Structured Transitional Bridges ©  to minimize miscommunications and care lapses.  If you would like to get more information on this important program for yourself or a loved one come in and visit us or call 321-272-1785.